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speech and language development plays a critical role in a young human's overall development, and early intervention is essential to ensuring those with speech and language difficulties get the support they need. pediatric speech-language therapy services provide specialized assessment, treatment, and support for young humans with speech and language difficulties, including those related to speech sound production, language, fluency, and written expression. the goal is to help children and adolescents develop the skills they need to participate fully in school, social activities, and other areas of their life, and to achieve their maximum potential for success.

the process of pediatric speech and language services typically involves a comprehensive assessment of the clients speech and language abilities, possibly including an assessment of their speech sounds, receptive and expressive language skills, fluency, and executive function abilities. based on the assessment results, the speech language pathologist will work with each client and their support team to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses their specific needs and goals.

treatment may involve 30 to 45 minute therapy sessions in one-on-one, group therapy, and/or guardian training settings. the speech pathologist will provide the client with exercises, techniques, and strategies to progress their skills, and will work with them to incorporate these new techniques into their daily life. the speech pathologist will also provide ongoing support and monitoring to track the client's progress and make any necessary adjustments to their treatment plan. while our primary focus is on each young human, it is important to have input and interaction with the entire support team.

there are many different techniques utilized by speech pathologists to address needs in speech and language therapy. our therapists are specifically trained to help with:

  • autism

  • developmental delays

  • speech sound errors

  • pediatric stuttering

  • learning disabilities, including written expression

  • language delays

  • attention deficit disorder (ADHD/ADD)

  • augmentative alternative communication (AAC) -- we can facilitate the funding application for you!

  • voice disorders

  • social language difficulties

  • phonological delays

  • auditory processing disorder

  • d/Deaf or hard-of-hearing

*this is not a comprehensive list and not every young person is going to fit into any category the same. we know that each child that comes to us will have different struggles, strategies, and goals. our services cater to their needs, and if we can’t provide the best services, we will happily direct you to other trusted specialists for help!

if you are concerned about your child or teen's speech or language skills, or if you would like to schedule a pediatric speech therapy consult, please don't hesitate to call us or hit the button below (it’s free!). we are here to support young individuals on their journey towards functional and effective communication for happier outcomes!

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